Blasting Cabinet

Sandblasting cabinet are enclosures that are used for manuel or automated sandblasting of material.This system ejects special abrasive material through either a nozzle or a gun under high air pressure to perform the sandblasting operation.Spend abrasive is then gathered in the cyclone at the bottom of the cabin where usable and unusable particulates are seperated and the former is recycled back for further use in the process.

We offer both suction or pressure type cabin designs.Suction type cabins come with special gun and offer lower abrasion in comparison to the pressure type cabins.For this reason such designs are also referred to as “soft systems”Pressure type desigs,on the other hand, utilize nozzles and offer higher degree of abrasion.Our standard product line consists of models designated as M-110,M-120,M-140 and M-145.These can be manufactured in varied dimensions to fit a particular need and can be fitted with jigs to facilitate more specialized/automated sandblasting of things like molds,pots,gun/rifle barrels etc.