Automatic Cylindrical Parts Blasting



· 1.1 kw three-phase motor-driven radial fan (motor phase and thermal protection)

· Automatic filter cleaning system

· 0.37 kw motor-redution gear driven turn table*

·Fluorescent lighting and electrical panel

· Cyclone and dust colletion unit with 2×7 m2 filter

·Equipment for nozzle’s moving

· External cabinet dimensions(height x width x depth) 2500x2600x2500(mm)

· Max. piece dimensions to be sandblasted : 600 mm (diameter), 400 mm (height)

Application Areas

·Cast aluminium pans sandblasting before teflon coating

· Cylindrical stainless steel parts surface cleaning

· Cylindrical automotive parts sandblasting

* Pans are attached to the turn table via a suction system